What is Occupational Medicine

An Occupational Physician is a consultant specialist doctor who advises people on how their work can affect their health, and how their health can affect their ability to work safely.

I am passionate about the promotion and education of Health, Work and Wellbeing, for both employers and clients, ensuring that a return to work can be considered a positive clinical outcome.

As an Occupational Physician I have to understand medicine but also the legal framework underpinning Health and Safety and Disability Legislation, the workplace environment of different companies and their specific work culture and I need be aware of the individual hazards in the workplace.

Not only do I have to understand an employee’s medical condition but I also have to evaluate the functional impact on their life. Every employee comes with their own narrative. The same condition can affect different employees in a variety of ways depending on their work environment and demands and their resilience and coping mechanisms. I am also acutely aware of the complex ethical challenges we face in Occupational Medicine.