Occupational Medicine & Industry

As an Occupational Physician Dr Slesenger is highly trained to focus on the effects of work on health and (conversely) health on work. He understand the full range of workplace and environmental hazards (chemical, physical, biological & psychosocial), associated risks of exposure to such hazards, and how these may cause an adverse impact on biological health, such as injury or illness.

Dr Slesenger is passionate about the promotion and education of Health, Work and Wellbeing, for both employers and clients, ensuring that a return to work can be considered a positive clinical outcome. Dr Slesenger can help an employer significantly reduce the risks and thus assist with optimising productivity whilst reducing costs related to health. How can he do this?

Services to the employer include:

  • Identifying the legacy of impairment/disease in new employees and establishing at employment the ‘baseline’ of health.
  • Ensuring employers are aware of adjustments required to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • Identifying work-related disease at the earliest point, to facilitate early intervention and treatment, enable cost containment and avoid legal challenge.
  • Advising on preventing/minimising work-related illness.
  • Complying with health surveillance, and, where required, advising on statutory reporting of work-related disease.
  • Assessing fitness for work during and after illness/disease onset – recommending adjustments and restrictions (mostly temporary) to reduce absence costs.
  • Training managers to manage attendance, prevent /mitigate physical or mental illness, including stress.
  • Consulting services to employers and employee groups on matters of regulatory compliance, health promotion, workplace health and safety.
  • Providing direct care for workplace illness and injuries.
  • Implement treatment models that decrease indemnity, increase productivity.
  • Offer expert, high quality health care to the working community in order to enhance health, safety and productivity.