Independent Medical Examiner (IME) Reports

Dr Cohen is registered as an independent medical examiner (IME) with both the TAC and WorkSafe. As an experience report writer Dr Cohen personally ensures all instructions are handled with professionalism, speed and accuracy. All IME reports are of a high quality, evidence-based, credible, reliable and defendable third-party medical opinion. The reports are easy to read, unbiased and without compromise. The waiting time for an appointment is approximately 2-3 weeks although he can see clients at very short notice should this be required. All completed IME reports aim to be completed within 2 weeks after the patient examination has been performed.

What does a pain specialist review in an IME report?

As a pain specialist he treats both adult and paediatric patients, providing specialist opinion on the management of chronic pain secondary to injuries or medical conditions.

Dr Cohen offers expert opinion on the challenging issue of the diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS, previously known as causalgia or reflex sympathetic dystrophy). This persistent pain condition usually arises out of initial injury to a limb but becomes the major source of pain, suffering and loss of function despite expected healing of the original injury.

Specialist pain advice is of diagnostic value and provides expert recommendations on treatment requirements. Pain management is holistic in nature and involves appropriate medications, allied health management in the form of physiotherapists and psychologists. It may also involve interventions such as nerve blocks or technologically advanced, expensive treatments of peripheral or spinal cord stimulators. The cost of a stimulator can be up to $45,000. This is a rapidly changing field of medicine and requires up to date expertise to be able to recommend or comment.

One other area of comment is the use of opioids for the management of chronic pain. The issue of long-term opioids is topical and very much in the media currently regarding concerns of long term harms. Medical opinion is complex and requires knowledge of the evolving literature.