In 1986 I qualified as a GP in Manchester, UK. This began a journey, as I uncovered my passion for Occupational Medicine, both clinical and as an independent medical expert (IME). I now reside in Melbourne, where my services as a specialist in clinical practice and IME are well received.

I spend part of my time across 3 clinical practices covering Greater Melbourne and large areas of Victoria. Aside from occupational related cases, I also specialise in musculoskeletal injuries. The balance of time is devoted to providing independent, expert opinions via court reports and/or offering expert testimony.

TAC and Worksafe accredited, I have 25 years of injury assessment and report writing. My training for this began in the UK, when medical professionals were not skilled in reporting. Personal injury claims were increasing and insurers were struggling with medical evidence. Working in the UK and Australia with employers, insurers and legal professionals, I have been part of the evolution of this important area of medical expertise. I understand all parts of the process and would encourage you to watch the attached videos for more information.